Fitness Classes


If the beautiful mountain views inspire you to get in shape, The Greenbrier offers a wide variety of Fitness Classes staffed by our certified physical trainers. Boost your energy with our daily Fitness Classes that includes intense Abs Blast classes to relaxing Gentle Yoga classes. Our experienced staff of certified physical trainers will help you focus on your fitness during your stay. 



Please call 855-453-4858 (Option 1) to make your reservation.



$30+ per person for 60 minute classes.
$20+ per person for 30 minute classes.
$40+per person 1- hour Guided Hike $55+per person 2- hour 

+ Gratuity, tax and Historic Preservation Fund are additional.


Reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the time of the activity. A non-cancellation fee will be charged to those who do not follow this procedure. 

CLASS SCHEDULE (subject to change)

June Fitness Class Schedule



Must be 13 years old to participate.


Guided Mountain Hike - $40+ per hour or $55+ per two hours

Golf Stretch/Workout - $75+ per half hour or $95+ per hour
One-on-One Training - $75+ per half hour or $95+ per hour. This personalized session takes into consideration your goals and lifestyle to tailor a customized program to meet your needs.
His & Hers Training - $175+ per hour. This customized training session is designed for two people to burn off those extra calories or begin a new personalized fitness program.
Fitness Evaluation - $155+ per person or $225+ per couple. This is a great way to measure your muscular strength and flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and body composition.
Fitness Evaluation & Training Combo - $225+ per two hours

Private Group Fitness Class - $175+ per hour
Private Group Walk - $320+ per hour (up to 25 guests), $18+ per person (more than 25 guests)

* Gratuity, tax and Historic Preservation Fund are additional.


Abs Blast: 30 minutes. Express class geared towards developing strength and stability in the core muscles. Exercises are higher intensity with both standing and supine positions. 
Body Sculpt: 1 hour. Emphasized exercises isolating upper and lower body muscles in high repetition sets. Class includes the use of free weights, stability balls, and circuits.
Boot Camp: 1 hour. This class combines pylometrics and agility training with cardio circuits. Sample circuit: box jumps, staggered push-ups, with 30 second bosu burpees.
Chair Yoga: 1 hour. Relieve tension and stress without having to get on the floor. Perfect for all ages, bodies and abilities.
Core Connection: 30 minutes. Compliments the transition throughout the abdominal muscles while strengthen the lower back.
Corporate Yoga: 15, 30 or 60 minutes. By appointment only. Practice simple movement and stretches to reduce stress and relieve back, neck and shoulder tension. Great for the office or travel. Perfect for all ages, bodies and abilities.
Gentle Yoga: 1 hour. Deeply relaxing practice of breath awareness, simple movement and stretches. No prior yoga experience is necessary.
Greenbrier HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): 1 hour. High-Intensity Interval-Training: challenge your mental toughness with this non-stop fusion of anaerobic and aerobic conditioning.
Spin & Sculpt: 1 hour. A thirty minute session of cycling-which includes climbs, jumps, and sprints followed by a thirty minute session of strength. 
Spin Zone: 30 minutes. High intensity spin class loaded with bike intervals, climbs, and lengthy sprints. Recommended for improving your anaerobic threshold. 
YogaFit: 1 hour. Intermediate level class offering a mix of gentle poses with Vinyasa style flow.