Just for Golfers


Golf Stretch/Workout

Designed with golfers in mind, this customized fitness training session will help you stretch and strengthen muscles specifically used during a round of golf.

$75 for 30 minutes or $125 for 60 minutes. Please call 304-536-1110 Ext. 7179 for reservations.

Additional Fitness Offerings


Golfer's Game Saver

A combination treatment focusing on those over-used muscles associated with your active lifestyle. Begin with a soak in the famous Greenbrier sulphur waters, followed by a Swiss shower and Scotch spray. Warm heat packs will assist in the completion of this treatment, with a concentrated massage targeted specifically to your areas of concern.
$195 for 50 minutes. Please call 888-598-8412 for reservations. 

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Whether preparing muscles for a specific activity or addressing stress and tension from overuse, the active stretching and slow, deep strokes used in this sports massage are a must.
$215 for 50 minutes or $275 for 80 minutes. Please call 888-598-8412 for reservations.

Antioxidant Facial

Antioxidants work to strengthen and revitalize skin damaged by the environment. This vitamin-rich treatment helps restore elasticity and brighten the skin.

$175 for 50 minutes. Please call 888-598-8412 for reservations.

Additional Spa Treatments