Mineral Spa & MedSpa

Since 1778, people have traveled to The Greenbrier to "take the waters" and bathe in the white sulphur spring water.  Today, The Greenbrier's world-renowned mineral spa offers a variety of services designed to bring you relaxation and comfort. Luxuriate in a whirlpool bath or soak up the healing properties of the native sulphur waters. Invigorate every pore in a steam room or sauna. Or, simply indulge in all the spa treatments you so richly deserve.

The Greenbrier Spa Treatments

Elite guests first visited The Greenbrier to "take the waters" over 230 years ago. Today, we invite a new generation to enjoy the restorative properties at America's Resort.

The Greenbrier Spa Guest Resources

The Greenbrier Spa has long been one of the resort's most popular amenities. We strongly recommend that Spa appointments be arranged prior to your arrival.

The Greenbrier MedSpa

MedSpa services are available to enhance your natural beauty and build your confidence to an optimal level through proven procedures.

The Greenbrier Meditation

While at The Greenbrier, learn how to slow down and be present with gentle relaxation and connection exercises you can bring home and incorporate any time, any place.