Hand and Foot

Our signature hand and foot treatments...

Whether your hands and feet need pampering from daily activities or you're ready for a night of elegance, you'll find a therapy created just for you.

 Signature Spa Manicure or Pedicure

Overflowing with antioxidants, our Greenbrier signature products leave the hands and feet glowing, silky and revitalized. These super-rich ingredients refine skin texture and promote healthier skin. This service also includes a polish application.
Manicure 50 minutes, $90+
Pedicure 50 minutes, $110+

The Ultimate Greenbrier Pedicure

A pedicure one must experience to believe! Your choice of a heated or cool stone leg massage makes this service a personalized treatment you will not soon forget. Imagine a wonderfully relaxing pedicure made even more special by the stone massage and paraffin application. Normal nail maintenance and polish application included.
80 minutes, $145+

Sports Manicure or Pedicure

Whether a professional athlete or weekend warrior, your active hands and feet need special attention. We will concentrate on calluses, cuticles and dry skin in this intensely hydrating manicure and pedicure. Buffing will bring the rehydrated nails to a shine. Polish requires additional time and cost.
Manicure 50 minutes, $90+
Pedicure 50 minutes, $110+

Nails for Males

A full service manicure or pedicure is available for the unique needs of a man's hands and feet. Our own Mineral Essentials products used in this treatment alleviate dryness and discomfort, while warm paraffin provides ultra softening. This service also includes a buff and shine of the nails for a perfect finish.
Manicure 50 minutes, $90+
Pedicure 50 minutes, $110+

French Finish

French finish is available for an additional $25 on all nail services and will require an additional 20 minutes to service duration.

Gel, Gelac and Acrylic

Gel, Gelac and Acrylic nail removal will require extra time to nail services and will be subject to additional cost in service.

 A Greenbrier specialty


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We strongly recommend that Spa, MedSpa and Clinic appointments be arranged when booking your room. If you have a request as to the gender of your provider, please mention this at the time of reservation as we schedule our services with the first available provider. Please note that once appointments are made, 24-hour cancellation notice is requested to avoid charges.