Soothe yourself with our selection of relaxing massages...

Our experienced therapists use a variety of techniques to calm the mind, body and soul.


 Mountain Hot Stone Massage

Heated, smooth basalt stones incorporated into this unique massage treatment facilitate the balancing of the energy centers in the body and encourage muscle relaxation.

50 minutes, $195+
80 minutes, $275+


Couples Massage

Whether with a loved one or best friend, enjoy a 50 minute or 80 minute massage side by side in our couple's room. Both you and your partner will ease away the tension and stress of the day together, while still receiving the individual attention that your body needs. Hot stones are not available.

50 minutes, $430+
80 minutes, $550+



Join us for a new perspective on a timeless classic. Your choice of our organic flower essence aromatherapy oils combined with a Swedish massage is an experience not to be missed.
50 minutes, $185+
80 minutes, $245+


Theraputic Massage

Whether preparing muscles for a specific activity or addressing stress and tension from overuse, the active stretching and slow, deep strokes used in this massage are a must.
50 minutes, $215+
80 minutes, $275+

Swedish Massage

Surrender to the luxury of a full-body massage customized to meet your needs. This massage is known for stimulating circulation, reducing stress and purifying the lymphatic system. Prenatal massage available.
50 minutes, $175+
80 minutes, $235+

Ayurvedic Head Massage

Relieve stress and mental fatigue while improving circulation with this ancient healing modality. Utilizing frankincense aromatherapy designed to relieve stress, this head massage increases blood and oxygen supply.
25 minutes, $95+

Integrated Reflexology

The pressure points of the feet corresponding to specific areas of the body are stimulated for increased relaxation and circulation.
25 minutes, $95+

    A Greenbrier specialty


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We strongly recommend that Spa, MedSpa and Clinic appointments be arranged when booking your room. If you have a request as to the gender of your provider, please mention this at the time of reservation as we schedule our services with the first available provider. Please note that once appointments are made, 24-hour cancellation notice is requested to avoid charges.